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“I’m colorblind.”

“Wow, really? Color blindness is like super fucking rare in women. Kinda like a male calico cat.”

“I’m not a woman.”

“But you’re not a man, right?”


“What…but you are colorblind?”

“Yeah, I don’t see pink.”

“I don’t know if that’s actually colorblindness per se. What do you mean?”

“Pink is just a red and violet mixed together.”

“So you can’t see red light? Or violet light?”

“I see those just fine.”

“But not pink?”

“I see past it.”


“There’s so much on the other side of red and just as much beyond violet. Like ultraviolet and infrared, but we can’t see any of it. Our eyes and brains just aren’t wired to pick it up. Which sucks. Instead, we see pink.”

“Which you can’t see?”


“So you see everything else? Ultraviolet, infrared, all the stuff pink is hiding?”

“What are you mean ‘pink’s hiding’? Pink isn’t hiding shit. Pink doesn’t even exist. It’s all in your head. Pink is an illusion.”

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30 Years


Gerhardt lay in his new living quarters. So dark was it that he couldn’t even see the walls inches from his body, but he could feel them pressing in on him.

He found it important to note that being buried in a coffin beneath heavy layers of dirt and snow was actually preferable to being around…

Reblogging this to my art blog because I’m quite proud of it. It’s not the usual dribble I write. This is a writing prompt of a friends character that inspired me. He spent 30 years buried in a coffin.

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myers briggs as anime type



ISTJ - slice of life

ISFJ - hetero romance

INFJ - drama

INTJ - psychological anime

ISTP - horror anime

ISFP - shoujou

INFP -  something shity

INTP - fantasy

ESTP - hentai

ESFP - magical girl anime

ENFP - naruto

ENTP - comedy

ESTJ - sports anime

ESFJ bishounen

ENFJ - pokemon

ENTJ - adventure

Used this as a drawing prompt.image

Tony-INTP  You know she would totally be the brooding antihero fantasy gunslinger. Not at all inspired by Vincent Valentine…. > . >


Dan-ESFP I’ve been wanting to draw him as a magical girl anyway. He just wants his senpai to notice him.

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